Fusion Whole Life Stewardship

fusionFor many years, I tried to separate my life into neat little boxes. There was the person I brought to work that wasn’t allowed to talk about God, the wife and mom that seemed too busy to get it all done, and the choir member/Sunday School teacher that was at the church every time it was open. I thought gifts meant “talents,” and I used what I had where I thought God wanted me to use it.

I was overworked, overwhelmed, and to be honest, all the overwhelm zapped the “Christian” right out of me. I’m not sure I could have shared the gospel effectively even if I wanted to, because I spent my time and talents on the wrong things! I wasn’t available for the things God specifically wanted and needed me to do.

Over the past few years I’ve learned that if we allow God to guide each area of our lives, and learn to be better stewards of all we’ve been given (not just our time and talents) we can’t help but fuse all of those things together with God. He becomes infused in everything we do and everything we are. We become less stressed and more joyful because our lives aren’t over filled and anxious.

So what is the concept of whole life stewardship?

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