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Give What You Have

Earlier this year, I was part of the Raising Generations Today Writing Team. I thought I'd share a post from January 26th.   Hope you enjoy!   This year for their birthdays, my kids decided that instead of having a big party, they preferred to have a sleepover with one or two favorite friends. My daughter had her sleepover on a Saturday and invited one friend. Somewhere along the way another girl was added, and one friend became two friends. Then the following ... VIEW POST


When Your Light Is Dim

I am one of those rare individuals who has always loved Mondays. It’s like New Year’s Day every week. A brand new chance to fix what I screwed up last week. A brand new chance to spread joy throughout the land and spread His light to those around me. I recently volunteered at the Extraordinary Women conference. It’s the second year in a row I’ve served on the “Greeting” team, and this particular year I was the Greeting Team Leader. As a greeter, you’re the first person someone sees when they ... VIEW POST


On Control (And How God Often Works On Chaperones More Than Youths at Youth Camp.)

Sometimes I feel led to open the doors of my blog to friends - those who don't have blogs of their own, but still have something God has laid on their hearts. Today is such a day. My friend Renee Renner chaperoned Fuge, a Christian camp for youths who've completed 6th grade through college, held at Mississippi College this summer. Here are her thoughts from that week: On what God did for the kids who attend FUGE camp: We spent a lot of time at Fuge focusing on what God was doing in the ... VIEW POST


This post. It's not like my usual posts. I can't seem to make the sentence form paragraphs, and paragraphs form thoughts, but I'll try my best. Let's say you have a scenario going on in the living room where all four (or five or eighty-seven) of your family members are happily getting along. Life is great. And then you hear a noise upstairs in the bathroom and you go to investigate and you find that someone left the water running, and the water has spilled over the edge of the bathtub, down ... VIEW POST